About me

Hi and welcome!. I'm Ben, I was born in 1983 in Tucumán/Argentina and I currently live in Lambaré/Paraguay and I specialize in branding, graphic design and web design. With more than 10 years in the graphic design field.
Some jobs I did were Visual Identity, Web Design interfaces and applications, content development for social networking, design and adaptation of digital campaigns, and some applications for digital devices.
I worked with brands such as Mitsubishi, Huawei, Tigo, Coca-Cola Company (Coca-Cola, Coke Zero, Sprite, Powerade, Dasani), Nestle (Nestfit, Bono, Moca), MasterCard, Unilever, Vision Banco, Martel, Lee, Wrangler, Laboratorios Lasca, Farmacia Vicente Scavone, Brinox, Yamaha, among others.
I am an optimistic person, but there is always something new to learn.
Some personal skills:
- Fast learning software and/or tools.
- Conflict management.
- Work well under pressure.
- Quick integration teams.
- Leadership skills and group management.
I like to spend time with family and friends. My style and dress is casual, I like play games at professional and competitive level, I love movies and anime.


I am available for freelance. You can contact me through any social network or to my email: benjaminblancob@gmail.com 
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